Pretty Pink Alphabet

Well today is one of those bitter miserable old rainy days where there is nothing to invite one into the great outdoors. I love those days! Right after breakfast I chopped the wood, lit the fire and headed to the craft room to see what inspiration I could find. 

What I found was a bunch of 2.5″ strips from the Terrain range of fabric – purchased at Get Stitched at a sale one day and a panel that had the letters of the alphabet with cute little pictures. 


The two together were going to be mu project for the day. 

I decided on individual fabrics per letter square .. but this would leave a blank space where I was one letter square short. Lucky for me the fabric range I was using was interesting enough to make up a block on its own. 

I added a strip to either side of the letter squares 


before adding to the top and bottom, then sewing them all together. 

A friend of mine suggested not having them in order is good for helping children learn the letters by finding them on the quilt so with that in mind I stitched them together as you can see in the image below!


Now to decide on borders and quilting! Oh and the big question.. to whom shall the quilt be gifted! 




3 responses to “Pretty Pink Alphabet”

  1. Ellie-Mae says :

    That is sweet as honey.

  2. Emily says :

    That is gorgeous Sal 😉 Will make a wonderful little girls quilt!

    • SallyBally says :

      Thanks ladies, I am pretty happy with it. I did have to go to the shop to get a little more fabric for it but not much… I was 2 strips short!
      I am looking forward to getting some grey to add the the squares I have done.. Think I might do that on Tuesday.

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