Free Motion Quilting

Well today I have been inspired by Laura Lachore …. Laura recently posted a picture of a quilt she had made as part of a quilt along project on the Quilt Club Australia Facebook Page. Laura blogged about the quilt along and has been kind enough to share the address which I now share with you Free Motion Quilt – Quilt along.

So I made up a few block ‘blanks’ and headed out to Ellie-Mae’s place.. she is my inspiration and leader in the ‘you can do it’ cheer squad. So my first block followed Lauras blog and this is what i did:


Ok I thought that was quick and painless…. at this stage Ellie suggests a go at a more feathered type of pattern.. and I came up with this….


Now I know it isn’t really a feather (yet) but it is getting a little more creative… for my third go I decided to let the creativity flow and not freak out by what ‘might happen’ and came up with this:


I am pretty happy with this one. There is a ways to go yet.. but what fun. The down side is I have to go to work tomorrow and won’t get to sew.. Bring on 3pm I say… I think I could be having a lot more FMQ adventuring!! Loving it!

See you tomorrow with more pictures of my adventures in sewing!




2 responses to “Free Motion Quilting”

  1. Laura says :

    Looks great! So pleased you enjoyed it! I really liked using up my batting scraps too! 🙂

    • SallyBally says :

      I agree, is great to have a way to uses the batting scraps. I am also liking that this is a way to have it all ‘finished’ when i join the blocks. I LOVE putting together the tops and feel I can be creative there.. but putting a whole quilt through my machine was always a challenge.. this method allows me to be creative on a small manageable scale.
      Thanks again for the tutorials 🙂

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