Farrah the travelling Stash

Through one of the FB pages I am a member of I became involved with a travelling stash.. this stash is called Farrah the Traveling Stash.

What is a travelling stash I hear you say.. A travelling stash is a bunch of fabric that travels from person to person…

The coordinator of the stash group gathers together a set amount of fabrics of a nominated size.. in this case a fat quarter with is approximately 50x55cm… and there were 50 of them n the bundle! Each person gets to take what they like from the stash so long as they put the same amount (or more) into the stash before posting it to the next person!

This is what the bundle or stash looked like when it arrived …



When the bundle or stash arrives you get to pick anything out of it you want!! 

This is a picture of the fabrics that I claimed from the stash!


After taking the fabrics that I was keen on, this is what the stash looked like


The stash was looking a bit on the light side now.. so time to go shopping in my personal stash to add fabric for the next person.. here is what I added to the mix!


So the final fabric stash leaving my place for the next person on the list looks like this


So thats it! The destination of the stash remains a secret .. mostly so it is very exciting for everyone who is participating in the travelling stash! 


Travel well Farrah!



4 responses to “Farrah the travelling Stash”

  1. kaitlyn says :

    woohoo, she is on her way. looks great ladies, can’t wait for my turn and then the hard job of deciding what to do with it all. 🙂

  2. Bronwyn @ StopThatOwl! says :

    Great choices and great replacements! Can’t wait to see her next transformation. 🙂

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