Design Wall Magic

One of the things I love about playing with fabric at my local quilt store (Get Stitched) is that they have a design wall. I can try this and that.. see how colours work together and get a really feel for the quilt I am making. At home I lay my fabric out on my bed or on the floor and it just doesn’t give the same impression of the overall quilt. Weird I know as that is where they will end up!!

Anyway in consultation with my lovely fella we decided that I should give one a do at home… BUT it wouldn’t work in my craft room… Where to put it.. where to put it. The best place that I could see for it to go was in the dining room. My Fella however wasn’t sold on the idea.. SO in true sewing enthusiast fashion I decided to meet him half way. I would add a design wall that I could easily remove!

My local big fabric retailer was having a 50% off sale.. so I headed over there to get some cotton wadding – hearing it was the sticky-est BUT of course they didn’t have any. So I decided on trying flannelet. I purchased 4 m of fabric and headed over to Bunnings. My plan was to get a nice rod for the top and something to weigh the bottom down with and some hooks to hang it. I returned home and commenced sewing. I made the fabric 2m long and seed together the two. I then hemmed the sides and top and made a pocket and the bottom for the weighting rod. I used my trusty staple gun to attached the fabric to the top, screwed the hooks into the studs as high as I could to the wall (actually I got my fella to help with this so I didn’t have to go out and get the ladder heheh) and WALAH!


The only thing to do now was to see if it was sticky enough to hold the fabrics… IT WAS! oh the fun.


I had managed to add about half a dozen charm squares before Master 13 decided to provide assistance! It soon became a family affair.


The wall was super useful.


I added a whole quilt to it that I now have laying here ready to be sewn together.. and a bunch of rainbow charms from the first two charm swaps we have successfully run on our FB page Rainbow Charm Square & More Swaps (it can be found here if your interested…  ) the MORE is because we have branched out into swaps for random charms, spots and stripes charms, Christmas charms etc etc.


Anywy the point to this entry is the design wall is a HUGE success and the whole thing cost less than $35. I can roll it up and pop it in my craft room and everyone is happy. I can even roll it up with the fabric still on it for designing later! All in all a GREAT idea.


Happy crafting!



10 responses to “Design Wall Magic”

  1. Kristy @ Quiet Play says :

    Love it Sally! Great alternative to using the more expensive batting!!

    • SallyBally says :

      Very much so and it works well…. when I had the back door open and a BIG breeze came through some came off … but I have the layout above on there for HOURS so works good enough for me and as you say a good cheap option!

  2. bronb says :

    I am trying to decide on the hows and wheres of my design wall. This idea is great – I love that it can be rolled up and packed away, much more flexible than a solid design wall. Thanks for sharing the details.

  3. Benta says :

    Oooh, fab! The link o the FB group doesn’t work cand you send it o me?

  4. Hueisei says :

    I love this project!

  5. Lis Martion says :

    That is kool, might have to try this out later on..

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