Strip Quilt

So as the coordinator of a rainbow fabric swaps page on Facebook I have a LOT of rainbow fabrics… both in 2.5″ strips and 5×5″ squares.
Someone I know recently had baby and I thought what a wonderful time to put some of those lovely rainbow fabrics to work and create a rainbow baby quilt.

I had in the past made a quilt like this with the angled joins that you will see in the YouTube video.. but for this quilt I decided to go with flat joins. I have added YouTube Link and a link to a description by one of the members of our rainbow group below for you to get a better idea…

As usual I am going to add a bunch of pictures and hope I get the idea across!!

Firstly I laid out the width of fabric (WoF) 2.5″ strips on my ironing board to get the rainbow in order.. in hindsight I need not have done this!!

I then set about joining the fabric across the short end (the 2.5″ end) o the strip

I did this for ALL the fabrics – until there was one wonderfully long strip – I chained pieced them together so once that was done I had a great little row of loops!

(don’t mind the stars above they are for a different project!)
I then clipped the loops and trimmed of the selvedge and pressed the joins.
Next I took one end of the strip and gathered along till I found the other end. I did this a little carefully as I didn’t want the fabric to twist.. it doesn’t matter really if it does because once you get to the other end you cut the loop anyway and if they are twisted they will untwist then!

Keeping right sides together I then sewed along the LENGTH of the strip… yup… it is a LONG side!

Once that was done I have a wonderful jumble of rainbow mess!

After that it was time to find the ends again.. and start from the top and sew all along the long side once again …

This continues until you have the desired width and length. This picture shows all the strips together

But for what I wanted it was too long so i trimmed back a it and added a border… and this is what I got!

Sorry about the bad photo – but you get the idea…

Now to send it off to my friend Ellie to quilt… She has a long arm that I am in love with .. but she is a far better quilted than I so I will let her work her magic on it…

As promised here is the link to the ‘How to’ video!

Or if you are a member of our Rainbow Charm Swaps and More Facebook page you can have a look at the description provided by Emily!

If your not a member of the Rainbow Charms and More group on Facebook I strongly encourage you to come and have a look. It is the most entertaining fabric Facebook page around! (well i think so anyway).



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