Collating your fabric for a rainbow swap

So today I am just doing a very quick post… this is for the new people to our swap group… being a visual learner I sometimes find it hard to be clear about what I am saying so I decided the best way to explain it was … you guessed it.. do it through photos.

So for this swap I have selected purple to show you what I mean.

Step 1.

Cut all your fabric so you have the right number of piles and the right number of fabrics in each pile. They need not be the SAME fabric in each pile BUT it is important that you ensure that no pile at the end has more than one type of each fabric.


Step 2:

Take the top pile of fabric and move the rest to the side.



Step 3:

Lay out the fabric – the number of piles you need to create depends on the swap you are in – so CHECK. For this swap I need 12 piles of 10 different fabrics and they need to be purple.


Step 4:

Now I lay the next fabric on top of the last – taking care to line them up so they are nice and even. This helps me (so I don’t have to re-lay all the bundles) and makes your return swap SO MUCH NICER.


Step 5:

So for the rest of the layers I don’t have 12 of each so I have supplemented the main fabric with some others I had scraps of that I was able to get 5×5″ squares out of! like the others lay them on top.(in this layer I used 3 different fabrics – but they wont be repeated…)



Step 6:

So again with the mix matched layer – this layer and the next I rushed a bit and they are not very neat. The neater you can send them to me the better. I have also tried not to put the different light colours in the same bundles… in the image above they are in the top row… here they are in the middle!


Step 7:

So this is the last layer that I photographed.. by now I know you get the idea.


Step 8:

Once you have all your piles sorted I ask that you drab some scrap paper and cut it into 11 bits.

Place a crap of paper on the first pile, then add another fabric pile (keeping the square and if you can so a bit the paper is peeking our (again just makes it easier on this end) then a scrap of paper then a fabric bundle…. do this till your done.

Then put the whole pile into a plastic bag. Snap locks are the best.. just before you seal it.. squeeze as much air out of it as you can. This helps the fabrics stay nice… Aus Post can get a little rough at times!

Once they all get to me .. I lay then out just the same as above – but instead of one piece of fabric I lay 12 at a time.

SO if you have say purple and orange … make them into separate bundles.

Add your name to the bag and the NUMBER of the swap.

In the end you will get something like this in the mail!

Happy sorting!



One response to “Collating your fabric for a rainbow swap”

  1. Sue Preece says :

    Great post Sally!

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