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My current theme of cute little bags…

So somewhere along the line I decided I needed a distraction from quilts.. I am still making quilts, but these mini projects have been grabbing my attention, so I decided to do something about it.

The mini bag obsession saw me first make a little pouch…


Deciding these were perfect for mouth guards (that we are now required to use at Roller Derby – another story!) I set about making a bunch for my friends. These are super easy if you follow the pattern on this blog… I remember now where the idea came from!! I follow a wonderful little blog called Pretty Bobbins. Gemma is a wonderful blogger and I have it set so her updates come through on email…. Gemma was making these as gifts for her childrens teachers… A great inspirational blog.. have a look for yourself …

Ok so back to the dumpling pouches – or mouth guard bags in my case.. I like my things to have hidden seams so I altered the pattern slightly and made it a hidden seam… all good. Pattern is easy and the pouches are SUPER CUTE. Give it a go!

So then I was just searching the net, as one does, and cane across a macaroon coin purse… I can do that I thought.. and here is what I ended up with …


And this is the inside .. I had intended the birds face the same way but got distracted and in the end they face different directions!


After making these I again started peeking on Google. I found some really lovely box bags… and made a few, but my desire to have hidden seams kept me looking… THEN last night I came across a sweet easy to read blog with a fully lined box bag… and here is what I came up with ..


LOVED it. You can find the full instructions on this blog..

Was a little fiddly but was such fun to have a learning curve. I plan to play more with little bags.. I guess this is what people will be getting for gifts for the next little while! I loved that this blog had such good pictures.

Anyway thats about all for now. I need to go tidy the house and load a quilt onto my Friend Ellie’s long arm.. she has a blog too…




Drover – The traveling Stash!

So Kiera organised a traveling stash through one of the Facebook pages… what is a traveling stash I hear you say?? Well the organiser gathers a bunch of items that get bundled into a post bag and sent to the first person on the list. That person takes what they like, replaces them with similar items and posts it to the next person on the list.. and so on.. the last person on the list sends it back to the organiser who gets to keep whatever is left in the stash!

Really it is a very fun way to look at things you may not have thought to buy, or fabrics you had tried to buy but had never managed to get!

Drover included a LOT of fat quarters of quilters fabric and also a bunch of charm square bundles.

When drover arrived this is what was in it …


after careful consideration I took the following fabrics OUT…


and then had to decide what to put back in… After a lot of consideration I put the following fabrics back in…



The image of the scantly clad man is one of the things the organiser asked us to do. There were a number of ‘pin up boys’ inside… I mist say none of the drovers I have met in my time had this look.. lol…
anyway all in god fun.

So there you have it. My stash now has some new fabrics… I had some fun and the drover continues on the journey to visit other quilters around the country!!

Thanks for organising this one Kiera!


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