My current theme of cute little bags…

So somewhere along the line I decided I needed a distraction from quilts.. I am still making quilts, but these mini projects have been grabbing my attention, so I decided to do something about it.

The mini bag obsession saw me first make a little pouch…


Deciding these were perfect for mouth guards (that we are now required to use at Roller Derby – another story!) I set about making a bunch for my friends. These are super easy if you follow the pattern on this blog… I remember now where the idea came from!! I follow a wonderful little blog called Pretty Bobbins. Gemma is a wonderful blogger and I have it set so her updates come through on email…. Gemma was making these as gifts for her childrens teachers… A great inspirational blog.. have a look for yourself …

Ok so back to the dumpling pouches – or mouth guard bags in my case.. I like my things to have hidden seams so I altered the pattern slightly and made it a hidden seam… all good. Pattern is easy and the pouches are SUPER CUTE. Give it a go!

So then I was just searching the net, as one does, and cane across a macaroon coin purse… I can do that I thought.. and here is what I ended up with …


And this is the inside .. I had intended the birds face the same way but got distracted and in the end they face different directions!


After making these I again started peeking on Google. I found some really lovely box bags… and made a few, but my desire to have hidden seams kept me looking… THEN last night I came across a sweet easy to read blog with a fully lined box bag… and here is what I came up with ..


LOVED it. You can find the full instructions on this blog..

Was a little fiddly but was such fun to have a learning curve. I plan to play more with little bags.. I guess this is what people will be getting for gifts for the next little while! I loved that this blog had such good pictures.

Anyway thats about all for now. I need to go tidy the house and load a quilt onto my Friend Ellie’s long arm.. she has a blog too…




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