Rainbow Quilt

Well as many of you know I Admin a Facebook page called Rainbows. On the rainbows page we coordinate lots of charms swaps, width of fabric swaps, theme swaps. Recently we have started a Block of the Month using some of those types of fabrics and soon we will host a ‘quilts for charity’ which is still in the designing phase. Anyway with that bit of history I have been making a quilt with some of the charm square raimbow swaps I got back from participating in that group. (you can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/149803875155388/)

Before I go on, I think it is important to point out that it is one of the HOTTEST days I have had here. Soooo my assistant (vodka, lime and soda – with a good helping of ice) is helping me out.

So in making this quilt I really wasnt sure what I was going to do so I just coupled a lighter and darker fabric in the same colour and started turning them into half square triangles. I used the line through the middle method to do this.


This is where you mark a diagonal line corner to corner and then stitch 1/4 inch seam either side.


then it is a matter of cutting down the line that you drew.


so you get this


I find it best to trim off the little overhang corner.. which gives me this…


Mr Vodka wonders if there is a market for fabric confetti in the wedding industry?!?

So I then put all the squares up on my design wall and from there sewed the blocks into row and the rows into a quilt top… (oops cant seem to find those pics! … I blame Mr Vodka)

Then I took the whole thing out to Miss Ellie’s place and put it on her long arm. Ellie is a quilting artist… she is amazing at what she does… never one to do all over quilting she looks at each block and works magic on it.. I am just glad that she lets me come out to her place and use the long arm… and the company is great. Out there we have another assistant.. his name is Thomas Applby… best helper ever.. and the mascot of our rainbows group. He loves quilting.. but his passion is wadding.


So .. we set about quilting.. all the quilting is on the dark rows… and each row was different..


The quilt has been bound and washed and is currently in the dryer.. but below you can see how it was looking our of the washer.


A closer look at the Centre.. echo quilting by Ellie… but you cant really see it in this image.. believe me it is HOT!


And on the grey border I went with a variegated cotton and some of Ellie’s bump bump feathers. 


So until that quilt is out of the dryer that is all from me.

Oh this quilt is destined as a gift for a friend of mine.. who needs a little bit of good in her life. I hope she likes it.

Cheers for now



12 responses to “Rainbow Quilt”

  1. em says :

    This is so gorgeous and bright Sal! The variegated thread on the feathers is awesome too 🙂

  2. Lis Martion says :


  3. Molli Sparkles says :

    50 Shades of Rainbow = Fabulous! Love that it is a gift, too, such a lucky person! Sparkles to you!

  4. Rhonda Marshall says :

    Well done Sally,just beautiful. You are so productive and you have such a busy life.

  5. Jeneta says :

    I’m sure your friend will LOVE it! It is fabulous – such a happy quilt. Ellie’s quilting is beautiful. What a great way to use the charm squares – you’re so creative Sally!

  6. Jenny says :

    Gorgeous gorgeous your friend should be happy being wrapped in all that rainbow quiltyness. I am envious of the friend with a long arm, I quilt all mine on my machine.

    • SallyBally says :

      I hope so. She has had a hard year and has NO idea that it is coming her way!! It is now all washed and dry and puffed up and snugly! I love the look on peoples faces when you give them a quilt! Priceless.

  7. Ellie-Mae says :

    It’s double bacon awesome. I love it.

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