This way, that way

So again with the rainbows.. I am sensing a theme here, are you?

So today I was looking at my pile of charms and WOF strips that I had not used in other projects out of the swaps I had and thought to myself.. a simple clean block was needed. I have only made a few so it wont give the whole effect just yet.. but apparently one does need to make time to tidy the house as well (I know to some crafters that was serious swearing!!)

Anyway moving on. To use up both WOF and charms I decided to mirror the blocks with white. I think on a whole quilt level it will be clean and crisp and show off some of the lovely fabrics I have left over. So here goes. Select some fabrics:


For this block you will make 4 quadrants. Each quadrant could be considered a block in itself.

You will need:

  • 2 white 5×5” Squares
  • 2 coloured 5×5” Squares (In this example I use blue and purple and will refer to the colours as blue and purple from here on)
  • WOF white strips
  • WOF coloured strips – one blue one purple 


From the white WOF strips cut:

  • 4 white 2.5 x 5” rectangles
  • 4 white 2.5 x 9” Rectangles
  • 2 blue 2.5 x 5” rectangles
  • 2 blue 2.5 x 9” rectangles
  • 2 purple 2.5 x 5” rectangles
  • 2 purple 2.5 x 9” rectangles


Time to sew:

Using the chain piecing method attach a 2.5 x 5” rectangle to a 5 x 5” square, alternate the colours – add a coloured rectangle to a white square and a white rectangle to a coloured square.


Repeat for the other side – matching the colours so that you have rectangles like those in the image below.


And then from this you can start to imagine how the whole quilt might go. I find by making block rather than whole rows it allows you to get better point matching but that is just me!


(Obviously the two on the outside are not made into blocks or attached at this stage!)

Anyway just a short and sweet idea for using up some of those extra blocks! AND the white will allow you to showcase some great quilting!

Happy Sewing!





2 responses to “This way, that way”

  1. Jenny says :

    Hi Sally in the latest quilt top I have just made, which needs to be quilted by next Wednesday! I sewed 4 charm squares together then put 2 1/2″ strips around the edge as you have done, it just akes bigger version of what you are making it was made in lemon pale pink & grey. I will post a photo if you like.

  2. SallyBally says :

    Hi Jenny, Would love to see a picture. If you put it up in rainbow I will put a copy of it up here on the blog as well!!

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