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A break from quilting

So this week sees the leaves on the trees start to change and reminds me it is time to think about the things I will need to keep me warm through another New England winter.

I have many a quilt, my Stitch n Bitch friends gave me a crochet blanket for Christmas… so what else. I need a new vest, a cardigan, a scarf/cowl some sock.. oh so many things.

My first pick to knit is a vest. I have gone with a Zara 8ply in grey (soooooo lovely!) and am making a pattern I have made before… the mondo cable vest. I purchased it through Ravelry and LOVE that it knits the edging into the whole thing.. the only part I have to go back and pick up is the back of the neck! It also knits from the top down so I am able to make it just the right length for me… but even more exciting is that once the arm holes are done it knits in the round… round and round we go!

The only difference I am adding to this one is that I am doing a ribbing section under the arm for the length of the vest… So if you want to have a go … this is the link—vest

I would put a pick up of my progress but last night decided to start again.. after not knitting for a year or more, I felt my stitches were a little uneven.. so I will add an image from Ravelry here and put up others pictures of my work as I go!!


Sorry it has been so long between posts… I had a couple of commissions I had to finish… school and uni went back.. really it has all been a bit hectic!

See you soon,




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