The I-spy Alphabet.

Gee – ‘two posts in one week’ I hear you say… this is getting out of control!

I have to admit I am currently on Holidays- along with most of the country – what with Easter and Anzac day falling in such a way that mean one only had to take a couple of days off to get a decent sized holiday. Even better for me is my two fellas were away having holidays of their own… leaving me to the JOY of getting to know my Juki and frame.

So today I thought I would share with you a quilt that has been in the works for some time. It is one of the tops that I had made many many moons ago, that sat in a box … waiting for the day I could get around to quilting it on my domestic machine (my least favorite thing about making quilts). Luckily for me those things are now a thing of the past – with my new quilt frame and machine.

I made this quilt for a lovely little girl as a ‘find a letter quilt’ (as in has the whole alphabet but they are in a random order – an i-spy of the alphabet if you will). It is a basic quilt made out of nice bright, happy colours.

My first decision was what backing to use. In the recent past I had finished a quilt for someone very dear to me and used a nice blue backing – thinking of the connection between that person and the person this quilt was made for – I pulled out the left over fabric from the previous quilt and was delighted to discover there was the perfect amount of fabric left to work on this quilt… almost like it was meant to be… which is highly possible.


Now that the backing was sorted I had to consider what design I was going to quilt on it… the patchwork top fabrics had curls and swirls, bright colours and leaves and flowers. hmmmm


A quick tangent

Before I picked up my new quilting machine.. I had a few weeks to dream… some of the blogs and YouTube clips I had watched suggested drawing your designs first.. so that is where I started. I put a few of the ones I liked up on the wall… 

I have found I am better at guiding the machine than I am at the drawing 😉


Back to it…

So I decided to go with the pattern I have called ‘Pea Sprouts’ because they remind me of the snow pea shoots I have coming up in the garden… Rather than make it go along the line as is in this drawing I went for a more rambling type stitch, but you get the idea.



I tried to get a picture that showed the stitching better – but it is dark and I am impatient so we get poor quality pictures…  The image below shows a close up of the backing in an attempt to show come of the stitching a bit better…



And this is it… on the day bed that is in my sewing room – to give a bit of an idea of the overall project. It is a smallish floor quilt for a toddler. A bit of an interactive playing type quilt. Perfect for picnics and cubby houses!




So now I need to think if a binding – trim it back and get it finished! That will have to wait a little while – Tomorrow I am planning to put a quilt for a friend on the frame… That is a bit nerve wracking as it is her first ever quit… I have it out – trying to get inspired about which pattern to go with… Anyway that is all for now



♥ RJN ♥ CRG ♥


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3 responses to “The I-spy Alphabet.”

  1. Sue says :

    You’re off at a cracking pace! Hard to see the quilting but it looks great, well done! Lovely bright and happy quilt.

  2. Rachael @ mummyflyingsolo says :

    Sal, that is an absolutely gorgeous quilt. What a lucky little girl!!

  3. Ellie-Mae says :

    Okay, what is CRG? Because all I’m getting is Carolina Roller Girls. Nice quit too.xx

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