Wendy’s Quilt & Machine Binding

Yesterday I finished my first quilt that was made by someone else. It was also the FIRST quilt this person had ever made. No pressure… just don’t F%&* it up!

So fair is fair – the thought above is entirely mine. I know my friend Wendy would have been very understanding if I managed to completely destroyed her quilt…a bit shirty perhaps… but I am sure we would have stayed friends.

The quilt was a simple squares design made up of a great variety of colourful fabrics. An eclectic blend – and really quite pretty. Wendy is a free spirit kind of gal. Very kind and friendly and super sweet. As always I mounted the quilt on the frame and began contemplating the type of quilting that I would do.


It is autumn here at the moment and my quilt table looks out onto an ornamental pistachio tree that is currently doing the most amazing colour change … and dropping leaves is an extremely beautiful leafy kind of dance.


Inspiration – Check √

A bit of a drawing about how…


And as usual my drawing skills leave a bit to be desired… now onto the quilt


And thus it went with twirly leaves on the quilt as I watched leaves do their twisty twirly dance from the tree in my front yard.



Now I am not sure how the rest of you roll… but I am a machine binder. I sew on the back first then flip to the front and machine that down as well. I thought I would pop in a couple of pictures of that as well… perhaps another day I can do a post on how I do mine (I am sure it is no different from what others round the world do – but no harm in a repeat. I actually quite enjoy binding. Whilst not technically part of the quilting process for me  – I know my friend Wendy was keen to have her quilt, and with the minus degrees due in a cold from this weekend I thought it would be nice to get it to her as soon as I could.. so I bound the quilt for her.


This is me attaching the binding to the front.


A needle down foot up pivot for the corner (I do all my binding with a walking foot).


This is the line it makes on the BACK of the quilt (note this picture was taken after I had washed the quilt and put it through a hot tumble dry – hence is a bit puffy and wrinkled)


And this is how it looks on the front (again post dryer)


This one is just to show the different fabrics that were used for the binding. And last but not least the quilt all folded waiting for Wendy to arrive!


I think Wendy was pretty happy with the whole experience. I am also pretty sure she is ready to start on her next quilting adventure.

My next project is to make 16 mug rugs – all different – for my mum who is hosting a mothers day morning tea for her garden group ladies. I had best get off the computer and back to stitching!

Thanks for reading.





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