Rainbow Fabric Retreat

In 2012 I had a chat with a couple of my fellow quilty friends and we decided to run a small group swap to make ourselves a little rainbow fabric – we needed 12 people to make that happen. Using the power of Facebook I set up a group and set about finding 11 like minded people. Today our little group has close to 400 members and we have run a multitude of swaps with people all over the country.

Part of what makes our group fun and interesting is the swaps – but a bigger part is the interesting, quirky and funny people you meet and the chats and support you get and give. If you are interested you can find our group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/149803875155388/

The swapping and chatting led to organising a bit of a get together. One of out members knew of an old monastery that was available for hire and thus was born the Rainbow Fabric Retreat! We had the first retreat in 2013 … and recently we had our second retreat!

So what happens on retreat? Well we sew, we talk, we EAT (OMG the food was divine), we drink and repeat! If we are lucky we gt some projects finished… if not .. then we get a few days away in the bush where we can relax, chat and be merry. 

These are the lovely ladies from RFR 2014


The Monastery is an old mud brick place with about 14 bedrooms – a huge kitchen, a lounge room and a room that we made into a sweat-shop! The following pictures will give you a bit of a feel for the place… the photos are complements of Christie-Leigh – She can take a great picture AND see be brave enough to stay on even after the bumps in the night! What more could a girl want?

The Sweat shop.



Our rooms overlooked the bush surrounds




There is a hobbit house on the hill



With watchful eyes of owls… and possums, koalas, kangaroos and many other less cuddly looking creatures!



This is where our resident master chef Sarah worked her magic!



The halls to our rooms




And a shared bathroom.


It is such a nice thing to do .. it can be a bit daunting meeting new people and staying with them in the bush… but hell… we are quilters.. how bad can it be?!?

This trip our furthest visitor came from Adelaide.. Jenny was a delight to meet. She was always so smiley and happy I had to nick name her chuckles.. which I did not mean as the scary clown – rather as the lovely happy person she was. Fingers crossed she can come back to our next retreat.

Sue was our second distance traveler flying in from Melbourne. After seeing people so long online it was nice to meet them in the flesh.

I think I will leave it here. If the retreat attendees want to fill you in on any part of their adventure I invite them to leave their story in the comments section.




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4 responses to “Rainbow Fabric Retreat”

  1. Rachael @ mummyflyingsolo says :

    Wow! What a great idea! I actually know one of the other ladies in your photo – Shelley Brandon. It’s a small world!

  2. jenetamasson says :

    What a fabulous place – that’s my kind of retreat! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time away together.

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