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Quilting – Paisley hooks

So today is Mothers Day in Australia… Today started out with me snuggled in bed being provided with a fresh coffee followed by bacon and eggs with home grown tomatoes on sourdough… yup I have it pretty good!

Taking full advantage of the day I announced that I would be unable to do housework as I was required to only do the things I wanted to do on mothers day… Therefore I planned to quilt (there was also a nap around mid-day).

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will be aware that I recently became a proud owner of a John Watts frame and a Juki Machine to go with it. This means that a number of the tops that I have made in the past are coming to life as proper quilts.

Here in the New England – in addition to being Mothers Day – it was also pretty darn cold and a bit rainy… quilting was the perfect plan.

I pulled out one of the tops that I have had laying about and decided to get in some practice. The fabric for the quilt top i decided to work on – I picked up through a destashing site – I cant for the life of me think of the name of the fabric range – if you recognize it – please let me know in the comments. anyway – that is about all from me.. the rest is just some pictures of the project…



The bigger picture…


the backing…


If you have any questions or would like me to have a go on one of your quilts… let me know.



PS: the fabric range is Lilac Hill Moda fabric. 😉


Joining Strips to Make Binding (Part 1 of machine binding post)

*Note this is a photo heavy post – I like to see things.. so I am hoping my readers do too!

When I first started quilting everything seemed quite daunting. Binding was no exception. Whilst it has been a bit of a challlenge to find my ‘groove’ in binding – I have worked a method that suits my style. This post will take you through minimizing bulk fabrics in joining for binding.

Lets begin.

I am going right back to the basics with this post.. it is aimed at the newby quilter in a hope to make things a bit easier along the way. Please feel free to comment below and leave your hints and suggestions for binding.

Lets start by joining our strips of fabric… Usually binding is cut (mine anyway) at 2.5″ by the width of fabric (WOF) – or shorter if I am using sorter bits to get a colour change or just because it is the amount of fabric that I have in the fabric I want to use… but generally 2.5″ by WOF. In the pictures below I have used a binging of 3.5″ because I have used a double layer of wadding (for a bit of extra heat protection).

Rarely is one WOF strip long enough to go all the way around a quilt so we need to join them. the best way to avoid excessive bulk in fabric joining is to make the join on an angle which is what I will demonstrate here.

The two strips I want to join. They must be the same width. they can be any length.



Lay the first strip right side (good side) UP horizontally in front of you, then place the second strip right side DOWN at a 90 degree angle on the top right end of the first strip.



If you are unsure of your ability to sew a straight line from one corner to the other – you can go ahead and draw it on in pencil or other fabric pen. Where your two fabrics cross you will notice they make a square. You are going to sew from the TOP LEFT to the BOTTOM RIGHT of that square. I have drawn the line below to show you what I mean.




If you dont need to draw the line I still encourage you to use a pin to keep things steady.




Stitch along the line. (I don’t normally use contrasting thread… this is for demonstrative purposes.)



Once you have sewn the line – remove from your machine, and trim off the threads. the fewer threads the better the end product.




Leaving about a 1/4″ seam from your stitched line trim the corner off. You can measure this with your ruler and rotary cutter – or just trim off with scissors.




Now flip the top fabric over so you are looking at the wring side of both fabrics and you will see your diagonal seam.




Press the seam OPEN



Flip it over and have a look at your awesome 45degree join.




Fold your fabric (wrong sides together) for the length of the fabric. I am holding it open a little here so you can see how a join like this reduces bulk.



And there you go – fabric joined and pressed in half ready to become your binding!


See the next post on how to use your newly joined fabric to make an awesome binding.



The Rainbow Quilt Competition

DATE CHANGE – please note the dates of the competition have changed!!

This year I have started a rainbow journey. Rainbows make me feel good… fabric makes me feel good.. so rainbow fabric makes me feel GREAT. With this in mind I created a Facebook group. The group was originally called Rainbow Charm Swaps but as the group has gown I have renamed the group Rainbow Charm & More Swaps.. it doesn’t really catch the whole purpose of the group.. and in time I how the name will reflect the content of the group.. but I digress.


From one little charm swap – the group has blown out. This wee I sent out the 4th rainbow charm swap… so in total sorted thus far comes to 5760 charms!! and 96 members.. not bad when you consider the group has been going for less than 2 months!!

So… from little things big things grow.. and that is true of those little rainbow charms.


I propose to run a competition – The Rainbow Quilt Competition.

So how will it work…

  • Each person may enter ONE quilt.
  • The theme for the competition is RAINBOWS – how you interpret that is up to you!
  • Each quilt must be a minimum of 50inches x 50inches
  • Quilts either must be of your OWN design or give credit to the DESIGNER (if the designer has copy right – you must comply with appropriate approvals to use the design in this competition by admitting your entry it is assumed that you have this approval – no responsibility for breach will be taken by the organizers of the competition.)
  • The competition closes Sunday 31st MARCH 2013 –
    I know this is a while away but Christmas is in the middle and this will give crafters time to think about, design, gather and create!!
  • Voting will commence on Monday 1st April 2013
  • Voting will remain open until Wednesday 17th April – As an extra awesome pre-Christmas gift the winners will be announced on Friday 19th April 2013 and prizes posted on Monday 22nd April 2013!
  • There will be a Flickr group dedicated to this competition. You must upload a maximum of 2 images of your quilt to the Flickr group for people to look at and then vote on the quilts they like.

Details of voting will be uploaded on the closing date for submission.

  • Quilts will be judged by the general public with the winner being the quilt with the most votes.
  • Prizes will be rainbow and fabric in nature – details will be loaded as they become available.
  • Further details will be uploaded as they become available.



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